Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Programs :: Do I need one?

Deciding if you need a wedding program or not is 100% up to the bride and groom. Programs are a chance to really be fun and creative or elegant and traditional. They really add that extra special touch to your wedding day! They are a welcome addition to your wedding ceremony and provide your guests with an overview of how the ceremony and or reception will proceed, is a chance to introduce your wedding party {so grandma isn't talking during the ceremony asking who each groomsmen and bridesmaid are!}, say a special thank you, or honor family & friends.

Do I need a program for every single guest?

Chances are no, especially if your head count includes children. If you are planning on having your programs set out on chairs or church pews for your guests plan on every other seat, couples can share. If you are offering a more unique style of program, like a fan, typically we would recommend one per guest. That way each guest can actually use the fan. Having your photographer take a photo of your guests using their fans is also a fun photo op! {don't forget to order and set a couple programs aside for yourself to keep!}

What do I put on my program?

Wedding programs are a great place to include personal comments and information about the history of the couple or to explain any specific religious or cultural aspects of the ceremony. Your program can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. It can be a single page or an entire brochure, it’s up to you! The program is a great place to express your personality and have some fun. Programs can include a list of the music that will be played before, during and after the ceremony, and even the lyrics to songs played. It’s a good place to share a poem that has special meaning to the couple, or a favorite quotation or bible verse. A good general guideline to follow is to start with an introduction, then list the ceremony order, the wedding party and their relationship to the couple, and close with a note of thanks.

We offer a Wedding Program Guide on our website that is a downloadable PDF that has wording and suggested items to include, as well as a sample layout.

We offer several styles of programs {tall, folding, fan, 5x7} as well as a custom option, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs and budget if you decide a program is a good fit for your event!

 Tall Program

{our Tall Wedding Programs are 4x9 & can be printed on the front & back :: pricing starts at just $0.99!}    

Folding Program

{our Folding Wedding Programs are a 4x9 folded card with front, back, & inside printing :: pricing starts at just $1.69!}

Fan Paddle Program

{our Fan Programs are 5x7 when folded and offer printing on the front & back :: pricing starting at just $1.79!}

Custom Wedding Program

{this program was a Custom Order. It is a 5x7 folded program with rounded corners. Tickets were stapled inside for guests to use at the couple's photo booth!}
We personally love wedding programs and love when couples get creative and show off their personality!

Like what you see? Browse our full collection of items on our website, MonogramWedding. For an even sweeter deal, use the code "MW10BLOG" to save 10% off your entire purchase!


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